A brunchy, breakfast day. Oh, and the perfect poached egg.

I went to bed really early last night, feeling unwell. So when I awoke, well rested this morning, I was also really hungry! Sunday is a usually and egg and bacon day in our house (time allowing). I remembered the Betty Crocker pancake mix in the cupboard! Lazy I know. The kids and I made pancakes with the usual stuff that kids love: blueberries, Nutella, syrup. Yum. Though admittedly not terribly healthy. Then we decided to take one up to dad in bed as a post-valentines day treat.


It was the first sunny, almost spring-like day today so we went for a long walk on the Heath. Afterwards I decided to use the leftover roast potatoes from last night to make a brunch hash. Hash can be whatever you like, I usually use bits and bobs of leftover from the fridge. This was todays:

A handful of leftover, roasted new potatoes

A handful of mushrooms

A fingers length of chorizo (cut into pound coin size chunks)

A tablespoon of olive oil

A pinch of black pepper and salt

A pinch of any dried herbs from the cupboard

Just chop everything into largish chunks. heat the oil in a medium sized, non-stick frying pan and add everything, stirring occasionally, till hot and nicely browned.


Now, you could eat this all on its own. But personally i think it needs a perfectly poached egg (or two). A couple of friends have commented on how good mine look and have asked how I manage it. Its very easy. Here you go…

You need a small, shallow frying pan. and in it you need boiling water. As soon as the water starts boiling, add a tablespoon of vinegar. Any vinegar. It does not matter. The vinegar is my magic trick for keeping the egg together. I think it might be a Delia Smith trick – I have forgotten, but I have used it for years and it always works. The vinegar is imperative. As soon as the vinegar is in, gently add the eggs. Two, one after the other. and turn the water down to simmer. Gently simmer for about 3 mins. the eggs should be able to move around the pan and you can use a spoon to gently spoon water over. As soon as the white looks solid, remove the eggs. You should do this with a spatula, onto a folded tea-towel (to remove water. The place on top of the hash.




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