Giant Loaded Potato Skins


I Love these big beauties! Choose the biggest baking potatoes you can. Honestly. What is the point in a tiny little loaded skin? Nope. Its probably the Irish in me. But buy them big and load them up. Also, bake the potatoes the night before. I whipped these guys up in about 15 mins after work. Then you just need to grill them to warm the filling and melt the cheese. Plus. by choosing big ones you only eat one half for dinner. Leaving the other for lunch the following day. They heat up well in the microwave. Hurrah!

The other great thing about these is that you can put whatever you like in them! For me there has to be lots of cheese. But you can add meat if you like and any veggies. Anything you like really. The base is is the potato, soured cream and cheese. Other than that go as crazy or simple as you like.

You will need (for two people):

Baking potatoes x 2 , already cooked and cold (otherwise they are a bugger to handle)

1 x small tub of soured cream

1 x cup really strong cheddar cheese, grated. but you could use stilton, parmesan. anything melty and tasty.

1 x handful of finely chopped spring onions

1 x handful of finely chopped parsley – or chives or any other herbs you like

This time I added a handful of chorizo. you could add cooked bacon, chicken, peas, sweetcorn, anything!

You will need a hot grill and a baking tray to cook them in.

1) first, pre-cook any meat. I fried some chopped bits of chorizo in olive oil and set aside (with the oil, thats tasty so don’t waste it).

2) Cut your potatoes in half and gently scoop the middles out with a desert spoon into a mixing bowl. Place the empty skins carefully side by side in your baking tray.

3) Use a fork to gently mash the potato flash in the bowl. Throw in the chorizo, chopped onion, herbs. most of the cheese, soured cream and anything else. Mix well and season with salt and pepper. You could add some chilli flakes if you like a kick.

4) Once mixed, spoon it all back into the skins. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and pop under a hot grill until the cheese is all bubbly and brown.

Serve with a crunchy green salad. I like them with coleslaw too. Excellent!


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