A Random Act Of Kindness.. and Stan goes Viral

No cooking today. Just rambling.

Yesterday started out as a normal Tuesday, I went to work and ate too many crisps. The kids are off school for Easter so I left the house reasonably unscathed from the usual morning madness. Then Dick called me midmorning…left a message, “quick, call me back, I want to share something lovely with you”. While on the tube, the smelly unfriendly London tube of torture and pain for working people and tourists alike.. something remarkable had happened. A young man gave Stanley his skateboard.. just. like. that. A simple, kindness. A straightforward, altruistic act that made my 7 year old son beam all day. And that, it would seem was that. Later, before bed I decided to post a little comment about this on The Motherload – do you know The Motherload? its an awesome parenting community of non-judgemental women (and the odd man) – its the sort of place where a story of kindness belongs. I urge you to visit it. Anyway, I posted. I went to bed.

This morning started as a normal Day. well, for about 5 bloody minutes. shuffle downstairs, check phone.. WTF are all these bloody notifications? Christ, over a thousand likes on The Motherload Facebook page, shitloads of comments and a request from Alison the lovely editor to ask if she could write up a little story! Fuck it says I.. sure, why not…

Its evening again. There are over 1.7k likes on my post, Stanley’s story made The MotherloadThe Evening Standard and The Sun (yes I know, The Sun, I did say no to The Mail so i’m not all bad). I’m a bit overwhelmed to be honest. I half hope they don’t find the poor man.. Though if they do I have to find out if he’s single because my friend at work thinks he would be good marriage material – now that WOULD be a story…

With all the horrible crap happening all over the world today, its easy to fall into a endless trudge of thinking nobody gives a damn about anybody else – Especially on the tube – a place where ‘baby on board’ badges are to be ignored at all costs and nobody says excuse me.

The that mug I am my sipping tea from reads… “Kindness don’t cost a damn thing.. sprinkle that shit everywhere”…. Yeah, I might try that tomorrow. I salute you Skateboard man! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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